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Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico´s Health Tourism
Medical Tourism in Mexico
International tourism love Mexico for many reasons, one of them being the different destinations that match every style of traveler. The people who come to Mexico from every city all around the world have discovered the medical and health care programs and treatments which reach the highest standards, high quality personal services and very accessible prices compared to those in the United States and Canada. International and National institutions have certified the infrastructure of hospitals and healthcare professionals in Mexico.
Health Tourism abroad overseas in Mexico affordable costs for surgery
Many international patients currently travel to Mexico to receive different treatments done in the best hospitals internationally accredited and equipped with the latest technology, staffed by doctors specialized in different specialties such as: General surgery, Plastic surgery, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Dental, gastroenterology, etc.

It is important to mention the fact that The International Joint Commission has accredited 7 hospitals in our country; therefor the Federal Ministry of Health has provided certification for 105 hospitals, 98 of which are equivalent to international standards.

Some of the most popular destinations in Mexico by area are:
  • Close to the border: Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, Rosarito, and Hermosillo.
  • Central: Mexico city, Monterrey, Guadalajara.
  • Sea side: Cancun, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.
  • Traditional and cultural cities: San Luis Potosi, Puebla, Queretaro.
American and Canadian travelers
Board certified Plastic surgeons with high quality and affodable prices in Mexico
For Americans that live near the border it´s easier to come to Mexico for Medical Care services. Many patients report that they are very satisfied in quality, price, health care and services. A 90% stated that the care they had received in Mexico had been good or excellent and an 80% stated that the care they had received in the United States had been good or excellent, this statistics prove that the quality service given in Mexico is much better than in another country plus the benefits of the lower costs.

The amount of people that traveling to Mexico for health procedures are increasing every year by nearly 3,000 people, this is because the costs in the United States continue to rise and many employers are turning to insurance plans and traveling to Mexico for check-ups.
In addition to dental and plastic surgery, Mexican hospitals are popular for bariatric surgery for weight loss, considered an elective procedure that is not covered by some US insurers. A popular bariatric procedure, lap band or gastric band surgery, which was approved by the FDA in the US in 2001, has been performed for longer by Mexican surgeons.

We at Salutaris Medical Center have partnered with Cosmedic group to offer the best surgical one-stop packages in Mexico with fixed prices that include medical/surgical fees, hospitalization costs, lab exams, post-surgery treatments, transportation from-to airport and accommodation for your recovery all with fully bilingual personnel that will help you through your whole experience.

Ask for a quotation at our toll free at 1800 099 0387 or send us an email to sofia.mejia@salutaris.com.mx for a virtual video consultation with one of our board certified surgeons

Visit our website at www.salutaris.mx and a visual 360º tour of our facilities in the best area in the beautiful city of Guadalajara Mexico.

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