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10 Steps you should follow for a medical treatment in another country

10 Steps you should follow for a medical treatment in another country

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  1. Find out what choices you have, which country is the best option for your surgery, keep in
    steps for medical tourism abroad overseas for surgery
    (City, clinics, hospitals, doctors, travel, hotels, etc.)
  2. Choose the best country for your treatment. (Consider culture, language, weather, costs, and easy travel.)
  3. Compare prices, benefits, security, and accessibility.
  4. Research the doctor´s webpages, blogs, and find out more about doctors, clinics, treatments and hospitals. (Credentials and certifications)
  5. Some places might seem cheaper than others, be fully informed of what is included in the price. (Surgery, accommodation, transportation)
  6. Ask everything that comes to mind like: who will perform your surgery and what will happen in case of a complication.
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  7. Read everything in the contract, ask about payments, and investigate the exchange rate and any additional costs.
  8. Make a list if necessary, of questions for the doctor that will perform your surgery.
  9. Prepare all necessary documents prior to your departure. (Passport, visa if necessary, insurance policies, prescriptions, payments, etc.) 
  10. Notify your family or close friends about your upcoming surgery and let them know where you will be staying at, Bring someone along to help you with the recovery, try to enjoy the trip.

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