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Buttock implants

Buttock implants

Prominent and lifted buttocks are desired by many men and women who are unhappy with their bodies. If you are unsatisfied with your appearance, this surgery can help you.

The Buttock implants or Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the size and volume, using silicone implants to achieve the desired contour.

Improve body appearance is one of the promises of buttock implants. 

To be a suitable candidate for buttock augmentation surgery you should be in good health and have some time to pamper yourself during your recovery.

We work with Silimed, world leader in silicone implants. These have incorporated a serial number on each piece, guaranteeing 100% security.


You will have an initial consultation. The surgeon, will evaluate your case and decide if you are a good candidate for surgery and be prompted for preoperative laboratory tests. 

This is the perfect moment to ask and clarify the points you do not understand, your doctor will solve each and every one of their questions.

Your doctor determine the best size of the implant for your implants if you agree (The sizes of implants are small, medium and large.)
You will receive some remarks on medications or eating habits that should be discarded during the preoperative process to achieve a successful surgery and recovery.


The procedure takes about 2 hours; the anesthesia type will be an epidural block. The incision is made in the gluteal fold because it is virtually invisible. The implant placement is making in the gluteal intramuscular space, in a pocket into which the implant is placed intramuscular created. 
After surgery care is achieved a good symmetry and a good projection of the gluteal region will. 
You also need to leave a drainage is maintained for 7 days after surgery, the patient must remain during this time upside down or sideways, and after removing the drains, and may lay face up. 
Regarding the practice of exercise, you can walk and sit the day after surgery. 
Playing sports and high-impact exercises can be done two months after surgery without complications.

In Salutaris, our staff for Body Contouring Surgery, consists of a group of highly qualified Plastic Surgeons.
Ask for a quotation at our toll free at 1800 470 0391 or send us an email to for a virtual video consultation with one of our board certified surgeons.

Visit our website at and a visual 360º tour of our facilities in the best area in the beautiful city of Guadalajara Mexico.

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  1. Buttock augmentation is a procedure that reshapes and enhances your gluteal area, providing you with an uplifted and shapelier buttock profile.


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