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Nose job in Mexico

Rhinoplasty or Nose job is a procedure to help people to feel renewed and raise their self-esteem in so many cases

Nose job is one of the most common interventions. Is a quick, simple and safe surgery in which the shape and size of the nose is changed, improving their appearance with minimal discomfort.

Is important that the patient has completed their bone development; on generally accepted that this occurs in women 16-17 years and men at 18. In exceptional cases it is done at any age.

It is necessary to have an initial consultation to talk about the individual characteristics of each person (scarring, skin color and texture etc.) and externalize your questions about procedure. It is important tell your doctor about any illness you have, allergies, special features in their healing, or coagulation disorders.


Salutaris work with two types of techniques: closed and open rhinoplasty. The procedure to select vary depending on the characteristics of your case.

Closed Rhinoplasty is performed through incisions inside the nostrils so that the scars are hidden, it is recommended if the first nose surgery of patient.

Open Rhinoplasty is performed making incision in the columella (the external structure that divides the two nostrils). It is recommended when you plan to re-operate or in cases of serious injuries that were not resolved promptly.

A prior evaluation of nasal function is generally recommended, since in some cases it is done at the same time Functional Nose Surgery (septoplasty) and Aesthetic Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Estimated time is between 1 and 2 hours. During the surgical procedure, the skin of the nose is separated from its support structure (cartilage and bone), the necessary changes on the nasal skeleton are made and once remodeled the skin over the newly sculpted structure is relocated. Finally a splint to keep the nose in his new position for about two weeks is placed.


For proper recovery, Salutaris recommend you rest for two weeks before returning to their daily activities. At this time, the inflammation will disappear gradually and you will see the results of their surgery, although in some cases there are small changes in the next 6 to 12 months.

In some cases, small bruises under the eyes may appear, they disappear within a week and may take 1-10 days for the inflammation disappears. During his period of recovery you may feel cold due to their nasal congestion.

Ask for a quotation at our toll free at 1800 470 0391 or send us an email to info@salutaris.com.mx for a virtual video consultation with one of our board certified surgeons.
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